Wednesday, July 07, 2004  
Let's Agree To Disagree On This One

As I was scanning my list of recently updated blogs using a wonderful application called Bloglines, I came across the latest musings from The Rooftop Report, which is one of my favorites. He talks about the recent rehab start of Kerry Wood, which has everyone in the Cubs organization excited. When Wood comes back, we will see the rotation, 1-5, the way it was supposed to be from opening day. What's not to love about that. If the post had ended there, this would not be written, but since we post things for the public, we also must have our thoughts questioned by them as well.

Another Cubs starter began his rehab recently. His name? Gonzalez, Alex Gonzalez. Personally, I am not all that excited about his return to the lineup. He is an upgrade, all be it a slight one over the current SS, but not enough to justify the money we are paying him. In the Rooftop Report post, he talks about how Kerry Wood's replacement has been acceptable, but how Alex Gonzalez's replacements haven't.

"As the currently vogue joke goes, I think I just threw up in my mouth. Martinez is great off the bench, is very versatile, and all and all doesn't do anything to make me rifle tomatoes at the television, but he isn't a starter and it shows. Rey Rey on the other hand isn't even a major leaguer in my opinion. He has never hit (career OBP of .290) and his once "dazzling" glove seems to have been left at the cleaners (evident by the fact that his Fielding Percentage and Range Factor would be dead last in the majors, if he qualified). On top of that, he slid into first a couple of days ago. So, can't hit, can't field, and apparently can't think very well. Great combo." ~ Rooftop Report (7/7/2004)
I agree that Rey Ordonez is not the answer for this ballclub. If we are gonna have an Ordonez on the team next year, let's make sure his first name starts with an M, and not an R. Ramon Martinez, however, is not as bad as he is made out to be in that post. Here are the career numbers for Martinez and Gonzalez.

Gonzalez .243 .303 .394
Martinez .271 .334 .391
Seems to me that Alex Gonzalez is not that much of an upgrade, if anything, the only real upgrade he brings is his range in the infield and eye candy for the Rooftop Report's wife. If that's all we're looking forward to, wake me up when he gets here. I'm not going to be waiting up for him to get back.

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