Wednesday, July 07, 2004  
Offense, Offense, Where for art thou, Offense?

While listening to the game on Gameday Audio tonight in the 7th inning, Cubs broadcaster Pat Hughes spoke up and said, "Always remember, Ron, when you lose, you're not as bad as you look. When you win, you're not as good as you look." While it is a nice, heartwarming phrase that may work on little league kids, it doesn't work on me. The fact is, 2 runs scored in 3 games against a less than elite team in the league is worse than bad, it's just plain AWFUL. Never has a team needed a day off more than the Cubs need one. They were awful this series and there is no kind way to say it.

This offense is in need of some kind of kick start, but I am not sure how we'll really get it. With Hendry already stating that the position players on this team are already set, the spark must come from inside. We have to find a way to get a player or two hot so that the rest of the team catches fire. We can get all the great pitching performances we want, but they mean nothing if we can't score. I really think Dusty needs to take the approach of a manager that has no offense at all, and begin to play smallball until this team starts to play better with the bats. If you get someone on, bunt him over and look for a hit. Start playing for a run or two each game, and good things will happen. Instead, the Cubs have been trying to hack the ball, hit homeruns, and not work the count. As a result, this team has looked horrible at the plate. Take last last nights game for example. Usually, when the Cubs have lost the first two in a series, they shorten their strokes, and somehow get the job done to avoid a sweep. Facing a starting pitcher whose fastball consistently is in the high 80's, the Cubs managed to strike out 2 times. I have to admit that I am glad we have a day off today, because we can't possibly lose.

Is there anyone more annoying?

Ronnie Woo, the single most annoying Cubs fan in the World. I listened to the whole game on the audio and that idiot continued throughout the whole game to chat. "Cubs Woo, Cubs Woo, Cubs Woo" At times he was so loud in the background, it was as if he was in the booth with Pat and Ron. I had trouble concentrating on the game. Was there anyone else out there that listened to the game on WGN Radio that heard it, or on Gameday Audio that heard it? If so, leave me a comment on what you thought about it. On top of it all, when your team is stinking up the joint, the last thing you want is a fan that just keeps cheering the way he does. A while back I wrote a post that highlighted an article about him. I am going on record and saying that he is someone I wish would get a life and go away. I hate you Ronnie Woo. Get a job and go away!!!!!!!!!

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