Thursday, July 08, 2004  
Sniderman 2

I went to see that movie Sniderman 2. First of all, I should tell you that I didn't see Sniderman, so I don't know what really happened in the first one. Maybe that was the problem.
The movie is about this guy named "Peter Sniderman." He has this girlfriend who's only eighteen but already has saggy breasts. But she's going to get married to some other guy; I think he was a Spaceman.
Anyway, Mr. Sniderman keeps having these dream sequences where he's on his way to the gym or something, because he's wearing really weird, tight clothes like a leotard, I think. And he has a problem with self-esteem, because in the dreams he only wears a mask. Plus there's some kind of motif going with webs, but I can't figure it out. At one point he starts throwing little globs of webs at an octopus man. Once I had a dream about a chimpanzee and three howler monkeys taking my bananas, but this dude's dream was MUCH weirder than mine.
And he doesn't wear glasses, but all of a sudden he needs them, but now he doesn't anymore. Then he has a dream about the gym. And I guess the movie was about his self-esteem rising, because in the end of the movie Mr. Sniderman starts running around in his gym clothes without his mask on his dreams.
And everybody in the movie has a speech impediment! They all sound like they have a cold. They can't pronounce Mr. Sniderman's name right!
In the end, I think Mr. Sniderman must have found the gym in his dreams, because the happy music started. I just didn't follow it.
I don't know. Maybe Mr. Sniderman was originally one of those weird Swedish films.
I don't recommend seeing it; save your money and see something you can follow, like "Princess Diarrhea 2." That sounds scary; what's worse than a princess with diarrhea? Maybe six hundred clowns, each one smaller than the other, until the last one can crawl into your brain.
But that's all that I can think of.

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