Thursday, July 01, 2004  
The Streak Comes to an End

Well, our little win streak against the hated Astros has come to an end. It was a nice run while it lasted, but alas, all good things must come to an end. I didn't feel great about this game despite having my boy Matt Clement on the mound. Something about having to face a 300 game winner that just doesn't sit well with you I guess. This was a game we could have won, but ultimately the Astros probably deserved. They had a lot of chances that were not cashed in during the first half of the game. They kept stringing the Cubs along, letting them remain close. Just when you think the game was ours, along comes Beltran to say "No win for you!!!" It's a shame because today would have been a good day to get a win for a few reasons. First, the Cards lost to the Pirates yet again, which would have brought us closer in the race. Second, with Prior going in the series wrap up, a second straight sweep of the Astros would have all but killed their moral and hopes of winning the division. Sweeps knock the wind out of you, and could have really hurt the Astros. We'll just have to play tough tomorrow and get on top early for Prior.

One thing that was a little weird in the game today was when the homeplate umpire tossed what everyone in the part thought was Dusty Baker. He then went back to the dugout and took a seat. The Astros were confused, the announcers on ESPN were confused, and I was unsure myself. Turns out that it was the Sarge who was tossed for arguing the strike zone from the bench. That didn't seem to be the time for that, considering Lee was just called out on a close play at third base, it which he should have been called safe. Can't blame a guy for trying to get the team fired up though.

I Feel An Apology Coming On Soon

On this site, we are big Corey Patterson haters. In the beginning of the year, all I wanted to see was Corey traded to KC for Beltran. Each day I would whine and complain about the poor hitting and plate discipline by Patterson, and drool over the very statistically attractive centerfielder in KC. However, recently we have been seeing a new, improved Corey Patterson. While I am not completely sold yet, I am grudgingly reporting that I am coming around to the Corey Patterson idea. Lately he has been working the count more than I have ever seen in his short career. In the last two games, I have seen him have two AB's where he saw over 10 pitches. While Corey still has some glaring faults like his lack of baserunning ability, I have to say that I think he IS in fact progressing. Maybe by the end of the year, I will owe him an apology for the post about things he will never do in his career. We'll just have to wait, see, and hope.

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