Thursday, August 19, 2004  
Highway Robbery

In case you did not read the post, Scott over at the Northside Lounge had his house broken into the other day. It's a horrible thing to be robbed. If you've never experienced it, you don't fully understand what it fully feels like. You feel horrible, and used. It's awful!!!!

If you're a Cub fan, you have been robbed constantly this year. If you are the Chicago Tribune, you have been robbed constantly this year. If you are the city of Chicago, you have been robbed constantly this year. Who is this masked robber I speak of? None other than Dominican Republic's favorite son, Sammy Sosa. This guy has become a joke. He does nothing at all to earn his paycheck. The hardest he works in when he runs out to right field each game to gain the praise of clueless morons who think he's God. If you have sat in right field this year and cheered him on, you are no longer allowed to be a Cub fan, because you a clueless. Last night Sammy did nothing to help this team get a win. Not one thing!!!! I am so sick of his strike outs, violent hacks, and horrible fielding. I can't tell you how many times I have seen the same play over and over this year. There is a hit down the right field line with someone on base. Sammy runs over to pick it up and drops it anywhere from 1-3 times. As a result, the runner takes 2nd or even third. Is it just me or have you noticed this play as well? How freaking hard is it to pick up a baseball? Even my middle school players last year didn't have this trouble, and they played for free.

I'm tired of being robbed. I'm tired of Sammy Sosa making the game far less enjoyable for me than it could me. I'm tired of him wasting the Trib's money. I'm tired of him being praised as an All Star. I'm tired of him hitting his chest like a monkey. It's old already. Get it out of your system, because there is a RF on the south side who will be replacing you shortly. I read somewhere recently that Sammy won't retire until he reaches Hammerin Hank's mark. If he is in a Cub uniform when he does it, I swear to God, I won't watch the whole season.

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