Monday, August 09, 2004  
Just Plain Ugly

I have to admit, I was pretty excited about last night's game. I felt with Kerry Wood on the mound, and a young kid as his opponent, we would roll over the Giants on national TV. Instead, the Cubs simply rolled over, and died. There was not one part of this game that was pretty. The baserunning? Awful!!!! Corey Patterson gets picked off on a non move to first base, then, instead of at least trying to force a bad throw, he simply stops in place and lets the guy tag him. Why not at least try to get to second before the throw? Alou also made horrible mistakes on the bases. He did not go in hard at second to try to break up a double play ball that Sammy hit, and he was doubled off first on a ball that was caught. Ramon Matinez hit a ball to Barry Bonds that scored a run, but instead of being safe at second on a bad Bonds throw home, Martinez was out. Even the horrible Joe Morgan knew why, he didn't hustle the whole way. I'm sorry, but if you don't want to play the game the way it's supposed to be played, get out of there so we can put someone else in.

The throws were bad as well. Alou decided to throw home on a play that should have went to third. Tightpants threw tried to threw to first, but instead, changed his mind and tossed one to a hot girl sitting in the front row in an attempt to hook up that night. It was just plain awful. I sat on the couch wishing it was over. I kept thinking to myself, if we win this game, we do not deserve it at all.

Hopefully this was as bad as it will get. I didn't even mention the pitching, because it was just that frustrating. We have a series with the the Padres, a team that I picked to win the West. I think we really need to concentrate on sweeping this team and making the proper statement. Hopefully at the end of the series, a picture of a pretty woman will be gracing the site, instead of that ugly old hag. We'll just have to hope.

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