Tuesday, August 31, 2004  
Ladies and Gentlemen, Todd Hollandsworth's replacement is...

Ben Grieve. That's not too bad. He is the opposite of Tom Goodwin; he's patient at the plate, has some power, can't play defense, and couldn't run if he were being chased by an alligator with a machete sticking out of its mouth and three scared skunks on its back.

Grieve's numbers this year to date: .261 BA, .363 OBP, .415 SLG in 234 at-bats. He's supposedly healed up from an injury which limited his playing time.

Getting a left-handed corner outfielder to come off the bench and give the First National Bank of the Dominican Republic and ol'ammonia-fingers some rest in exchange for some of the waxier dollars coming out of the Tribune company's ears is okay with me. It doesn't make me click my heels, but it dosen't make me do a Macauley Culkin face either.

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