Friday, August 06, 2004  
Let's cry about it until it's not true anymore

As I was browsing the links to writers we love and hate, I clicked on one of my favorites, Rick Morrissey. Ever since I can remember, I have always heard people who talk about curses in baseball link the Cubs and the Red Sox together. When they mention one, inevitably the other comes up in some way or another. Red Sox fans identify with Cub fans, and for the most part, it seems to be vice versa. I personally have always hated the Boston Red Sox, along with the Yanks, Mets, Cards, and White Sox. I hate that every time they mention the Red Sox, we have to get mentioned.

Anyways, I am getting off topic. As I was reading Morrissey this morning, I enjoyed the fact that he pointed out something that I have been thinking all along: The Red Sox got screwed in that deal with the Cubs. Everyone has been mentioning the Twins, who received one player, or the Expos who basically got Brendon Harris (yawn) since K-Chip founder Alex Gonzalez is a free agent after this year. No one had been mentioning the Red Sox at all, including the Red Sox themselves. All the Red Sox fans have done is try to tear down a player that did nothing but good for them for a long time. Morrissey mentions that now that they realize they got screwed in the deal, they are going to do everything they can to make it as if Nomar is not happy in Chicago, Nomar lied, Nomar is hurt, Nomar is a traitor, Nomar is a cancer, etc. Why is it that the Sox fans can't just quit their complaining and admit they made a bad trade? The funniest thing about the whole situation is it seems that the Boston fans are brainwashed into believing that they are now better. All of them seem happy to have Cabrera, which means we probably could have given them Gonzalez and they would have been happy. Cabrera is extremely overrated. He is not the hitter they think he is, and he is especially not the hitter that Nomar is.

I would like all this complaining by the Sox to end. They brought it all upon themselves, and now they want to blame it on Nomar. What do you expect when you dangle a player out on the market to see if anyone wants him? Did you not expect his feelings to get hurt? Did you not expect his loyalty to a team to be re-evaluated? Then, to make matters worse, they dangle him again around the deadline. You guys made your mess, so sit in it and have fun missing the playoffs. We'll send you a postcard from the World Series.

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