Monday, August 02, 2004  
New Job Jitters

One of the most awkward experiences a person can go through is the experience of starting out at a new job. As you enter the building on that first day, knowing few, if any people, you are filled with excitement as well as sheer terror. Thoughts race though your head like "Will they like me?" "Will I fit in?" "How is the environment here as compared to other places I have worked?" For the most part, that first is filled with a great deal of handshakes, introductions, and questions. It really gets to the point where your hand in beginning to go numb from the ungodly amount of people who have shook it. Throughout the day, you have this strange feeling of confusion. Where is the bathroom? Where do I go now? Where is that? Who is that again? It's really quite scary. Slowly, after a few days, you begin to find your niche in the workplace and begin to know your role in the grand scheme of things. Getting through those beginning stages, however, can be extremely difficult and stressful.

I imagine yesterday was an awkward one for Nomar Garciaparra. As he entered the gate to one of the most historic ballparks in all the land for the very first time, I wonder if he felt a case of the jitters. It was his first day on the job, but unlike the usual first day for an employee, which is filled with anonymity, Nomar came in and was immediately thrust into the spotlight. Even before arriving, the office was buzzing about the brand new employee who would showing up for work the next morning. To make it even tougher, Nomar's first day on the job was at home with Greg Maddux, a favorite son of the team going for his 300th win. Tough first day, huh?

I am excited about the idea of Nomar in the windy city, but I think it's important to remember one thing. Nomar is not Jesus. He can't just make this team a lock for the World Series. If we learn anything from the hated Astros, it should be that a great team on paper doesn't mean a great team on the field. I love everything that Nomar brings to the table, but don't get your hopes up so high that it hurts even more if we lose this year. Does Nomar put us in position to win? Yes, most definitely. Does Nomar guarantee a win? No, no player can do that. The fact is, this team still has struggles. We all know we can't decide on a second basemen, no leadoff hitter, and a closer problem. If we can figure out 2 of these, we will be fine.

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