Wednesday, September 08, 2004  
Going Downs Hill

Today's game was clearly disappointing. It reminded me quite a bit like Livan Hernandez's shutout of the Cubs last week in Montreal. However, things have changed. Hurricane Frances caused the Marlins-Cubs series to be postponed, and now after Thursday, the Cubs will not rest until October 4th (for better or for worse). What can we make of this? Well, the Cubs schedule in September is designed much easier than any of the teams the Cubs will be fighting for the Wild Card berth. There's no comparison, we get to jump on the Expos, the Reds, the Pirates, and if we're lucky the Mets won't be on task come time we have to play them. So, what's the problem? If the Cubs can't beat teams they are supposed to beat, as illustrated in the recent Expos-Cubs series at Wrigley Field, they're not going to make the playoffs. Plain and simple, they need win or go home. Houston and Florida are playing great baseball. If the Cubs win all the games that they are supposed to (the Reds, Pirates of the world), and play good ball against the Atlanta's and Florida's of the world, then I don't see a reason for any other team to touch them. However, if they don't beat these teams, they're just not going to have the edge anymore, and believe me, they need the edge. It's pretty simple, this team is not in a situation where if they beat the teams they should and do decent against the good teams that they're likely going to be out in the cold. It's cut and dry this season, although that's unusual for baseball.

Quote of the Day
"They're not going to win them all and we're due to win 11 in a row," Cubs manager Dusty Baker said, when asked about the surging Astros.

Better start it soon Dusty, only 26 games left. And I have a better feeling they'll win them all than that we'll go on an 11 game tear at this point.

Keep the faith, Cubdom.

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